“Poker is a microcosm of all we admire and disdain about capitalism and democracy.”
(Lou Krieger)


Lots of Wavestation, a bit of Waldorf Microwave.




Mostly Ensoniq VFX sounds, I think.


Piano Theme 1

Written for the TV series ‘The A to Z and Z to A of Video Games’. 


A to Z

These tracks have mostly been written and recorded in a fairly modest Mac-based studio: Logic, a Korg Wavestation, a Waldorf Microwave, Yamaha A3000, SCI Pro One, Sennheiser (expensive) and Behringer (cheap) mics, MOTU digital audio interface (lovely).

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One of the many 80s-inspired songs to feature in ‘Gareth Jones on Speed’.

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Barry Numan: My Car’s Electric

Kraftwurst: Autobahn UK

Another track for ‘Gareth Jones on Speed’ - with an obvious nod to Kraftwerk, who weren’t entirely averse to writing songs about cars and motorways themselves.


Eve Buckingham

I scored this short film, starring Susan Hampshire and Charles Armstrong, for director Michael Audreson

When I was working on a video podcast/trailer for GJOS a couple of years ago I used a track called (I Need The) Disko Doktor, by Space Raiders, on the rough edit. I wanted something similar for the final version, so I made this.


Space Raiding

Push Talks trailer

I provided music for this promo video at short notice, in the style of a commercial track that was used for a rough edit and timed to fit.