“It’s never too late for breakfast, it’s never too early for a martini.”


I write music, and have a special interest in manipulating samples and found sounds. My work has featured on UK terrestrial and satellite TV; I have also been commissioned to write for independent film and theatre productions.

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Driving back from Le Mans

Le Mans video diary

Making stuff

...is what I do. That includes, but is not limited to: writing and editing (science, music tech); digital video; music production; podcast production; Flash animation. I provide personal and group tuition in multimedia skills, and if you’d like me to edit a magazine or write a book, I can do that also.

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I produce videos for commercial clients (Yamaha, Soundcraft, Sheppard Moscow), and for fun. I also produce animation, either with Flash or traditional stop motion.

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I have been podcasting since 2005, and offer both audio and video podcast production services. Read more...

Work, play, drink more coffee
If you’re interested in Speakeasy Truffles, click this link. 
This is the website of Paul Ireson, a Mac-lovin’ media meddler. I write and edit for print and new media, produce CD-ROMs, videos, and podcasts, and work in audio production and animation. I need regular caffeine top-ups to get through the day, real coffee only please, and a little fine chocolate helps also.http://www.speakeasytruffles.co.ukshapeimage_9_link_0
Print work

I have a background in print journalism, and keep my hand in writing features and technical copy, along with design and editing work. Read more...

Gareth Jones On Speed 200th Show Live Stream

For our 200th edition, the GJOS team has recklessly committed itself to webcasting a live show. Coming to a fancy media device near you on Sunday June 9 2013, immediately after the Canadian GP. Listen in here, dear listener.